There are so many ways we can help each other to better this world

We are a multinational charity focused on bettering this world.  We are essentially ordinary people who decided to do what we can for the common good.

We would very much like to expend our network and have more people join our efforts.

Here are some ideas on how you could help:  (Below we will expand on why it is a good idea)

How we can help each other?


What type of projects?

We and our volunteers come from all over the world.  Volunteers volunteer online and at our fantastic volunteer centers in Iceland and Switzerland. 

Open Letters International is our own platform and although originally designed for contributions my others we are the ones that have been writing the articles.  So you are actually supporting us and not some platform provider. 

We are independent from any corporation, government, political party or any other organization.

We are driven by this strong passion that it is in our hands to change the world for the better and that by not doing something we would be complicit in all the harm that is happening in the world.

Please don't be complicit either, donate or otherwise support our initiative.

It takes a lot of effort and costs quite a bit to run our volunteer centers and to promote our messages on the Internet.  We do not have the resources to even cover all the basic channels.  Yet we already have a substantial reach.  At the beginning of the Ukrainian war our messages where reaching up to 100 000 people per day.

Unlike many other new undertakings on the Internet people are actually not just reaching our pages but are staying to read our stuff.  Google already classifies us as a news site, but without more resources it is hard to generate enough new content to keep people coming back to our site on a regular basis.

Our messages are seeds of thoughts that we hope will get people to rethink and change their attitude and that their thoughts and more informed voicing of those thoughts will also eventually reach people of power and hence really change the world.  We have reasons to believe that this is already happening.

We fight for important things, such as for Ukraine, for biodiversity, for better grounded public measures as in the case of COVID, for women's rights, for freedom of speech, affordable housing, affordable education for the developing world,  against corruption and public deception.  When you help us, whether it is by donating, spreading our messages or volunteering you can decide which topic you want to support.

Charitable Institute founders and volunteers

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