Problematic Restrictions

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Dear Minister of Health 

Calling for public inquires into the Lockdowns and the campaigns of fear

Global restrictions to Covid-19 result in the loss of many more human lives than Covid-19 itself. 
In any case it is clear that the lockdowns bring with them a lot of suffering, which lead to early deaths during the next decades.   The excess in the number of people that have become addicted to drugs and alcohol, the gigantic rise in depression and suicides, the increase in domestic violence, in divorces, in stress as people have had to find new places to live and new places to work, with some not being able to enter the labor market ever again. 
Some people were/are living in a constant state of fear and in general very many people were/are at their limits, whereas others are OK themselves but are having to cope with people with problems all around them. 
Many young people are missing vital experiences that should be part of being young or coming of age.   This may sometimes cause their development to stagnate and/or reduce their chances of starting a family.   Older people are losing out on what could have been for some of them their last active years.
The situation is the worst in the developing countries. As early as in September 2020, the United Nations estimated*1 that as a result of the Covid-19 lockdowns, 500 million people would fall from middle class to poverty and that 100 million people would end up in extreme poverty.  In extreme poverty, people cannot afford to eat properly, so tens of millions of people have suffered extreme malnutrition with deadly consequences. The United Nations also claimed that 12 million more underage girls would be forced into marriage over the next 10 years because parents who lose everything because of the reduced economic activity that has resulted from the world-wide Covid-19 measures feel that they have no choice but to sell their daughters.  
Not only are the poor and the middle class becoming poorer but the rich are getting richer, increasing inequality and the societal dysfunction that comes with it.
There are also significant problems for countries at large.  Some political leaders are themselves becoming isolated and/or are isolating their countries.  Censorship is going through the roof and the polarization of societies is alarming and democracy is being threatened.   And to top it up we have the prospect of world war III looming by the Isolated New Hitler (Putin).
It is obvious that the actions against Covid-19 are not worth it and not even to level the curve, because the strain on the health care system will be many times greater in the years to come, as we will be having to deal with all the mental health, addiction and social problems that have been germinating.
The signs of things gone wrong are all over the place.   Isolated Putin has started a cruel war.  Mass murders are a daily occurrence in the United States - Only the most horrific ones are being reported on.  Crime in big cities has increased a lot.  As many people will die of Opiate overdoses in 5 years as died in the previous 20 years....and the list goes on.... 

Set all the people of the world free because it is the only right thing to do

When some countries (UK, Ireland, many African and most Scandinavian countries) came to their senses we advocated for other countries to follow their example, because this was an opportunity to do the right thing and lift restrictions.   It was not a given that other European countries would follow.  Germany resisted for quite some time in lifting restrictions.   Fortunately most countries have followed, in spite of conflicting messages from the World Health Organization.  Governments have finally grasped that people have had enough.  One Government or rather one leader does not listen to his people and holds his officials in such a state of fear that no one dares persuade him to come to his senses.   Namely Mr. Xi in China which not only makes his own people suffer, but keeps the world on edge by his warmongering and by siding with the evil countries of this world, Russia, Myanmar, Iran and North Korea.  Indeed the people and businesses of Hong Kong who have been loosing any resemblance of democracy are fleeing in droves, not least because of the continuing draconian Covid-19 measures.

A zero Covid-19 policy for isolated countries simply does not add up.   Even if a country would be successful it will always get new cases seeded by new travelers as soon as it would reopen its borders or people otherwise breach its borders.   No country can be isolated forever without dire consequences.

Border restrictions and the campaigns of fear against those that are not vaccinated hurt the third world the most.

It would also be advisable for any country to follow the Irish (see the report of the Irish Parliament's Health Committee, from April 2021*2) and the Finns (see the Helsinki and nearby hospital HUS district guidelines*3) regarding vitamin D.  Supplement a common drink or food with a double dose of vitamin-D and make sure that the vitamin supplemented item is not more expensive than the non-vitamin supplemented item (for example by removing Value Added Tax on the supplemented item but not the non supplemented) and give out recommendations that everyone should take vitamin-D supplements, especially those who are overweight, in care or colored (unless they eat a lot of fish).  It is no coincidence that these groups have fared the worst from Covid-19.

We call for a public inquiry into why countries went overboard with the Covid-19 measures 

Why were vitamin-D measures like those advocated by the Irish Parliament's suppressed?  Who paid for misleading reports and research that can so easily be refuted?   (For instance what do peoples vitamin-D levels 10 to 14 years ago have to do with their immunity all those years later?   Or does the infectiveness of a one time delivery of a extreme mega dose administrated to late, disprove the effectiveness of regular vitamin-D supplementation to combat deficiency and the clearly strengthened immune system and resistance to Covid-19?)

Why where no specific measured taken in most countries for people in their prime, namely colored and overweight people who were most at risk?   (Contrary to what was done when HIV / Aids first came up, in which case measures were specifically targeted at the people most at risk)

Why were the massive side effects of the lockdowns and the campaigns of fears at the local level ignored?

Why were the horrific effects of the lockdowns on the third world ignored by western governments, including warnings by the UN and WHO?

Why did it not occur to governments that the cost of these measures in terms of human suffering and ultimately the number of deaths and the health system stress created far outweigh the number of lives saved by the lockdown measures?

With best regards

Prof. Dr. S Werth                                                                                                                                                                            Please Co-Sign below

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