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Frances talk of European wide defense  seems to be empty words only

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The war in Ukraine - countries and companies must choose good over evil

          To take a strong stance for goodness is good for business, good for public and international relations, good for the environment, good for the future and may actually stop you from being the target of a boycott yourself.

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This letter is addressed to specific countries that are failing to come to Ukraine's assistance.  These countries include, China, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Iran, Israel, Pakistan, Serbia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and the UN.  See below.  Please read my letter addressed to the world here.

Further down I also discuss the companies that are making themselves boycott candidates or who have a lot of products that we could avoid for the time being.

Germany needs to totally revise its nonsense policies

World leaders need to stop mocking about and really help Ukraine NOW otherwise they are co-responsible.  Germany is the one country that has the most to loose and yet has the most puzzling response.

Our efforts to stop the Russian aggression are not working.  We must take our actions to the next level by creating a NO-FLY ZONE or providing them with airplanes.   Poland has offered some airplanes but Germany refused to facilitate their transport.

Germany should be leading the effort to save Ukraine as it was responsible for the last world war and has been the beneficiary of enormous military assistance.  It is now time to pay back and to demonstrate it is worthy of being a hub for Europe's defense.

Germany is in a position to help Ukraine and help the world when it comes to the environment and at the same time make a policy that is better for its economy

It is clear that Germany is making a sensible sacrifice by abandoning the Nord Stream 2 Russian gas pipeline.  But Germany seems to be all mixed up!  It is determined to spend a fortune on reducing its dependence on fossil fuel and illogically help companies build the technology that is needed (probably paying the very same companies that where fined for faking diesel engine pollution tests) and yet it does not seize the opportunity to help Ukraine by endorsing sanctions on Russian Oil which would be the most sensible thing to do.  The market would take care of the rest.  People would find their own incentive to save on fuel.   It is not better for the people to have their taxes subsidize Industry or even themselves.  No need to celebrate if the subsidy is coming out of your own pocket.  Subsidies to Industry are likely to be wasted and feed corruption as a portion is likely to find its way to the pockets of politicians.  Another thing that is simply wrong with the German plan is that it does not do anything substantial for the biodiversity.  We call on Germany do the right thing, to join the boycott of Russian oil, now and not delayed to the end of the year, for the sake of the environment and to help Ukraine.  If Putin is not stopped now he may eventually go for Germany.   Who knows how infiltrated the country is already.  Gerhard Schröder the former German chancellor and a member of Gazprom board of directors is being investigated for crimes against humanity.   There are surly more big and small fish belonging to Putin.

In summary

Here I repeat my rational for all countries to stop buying Russian Oil.

It is not enough for individual countries to refrain from buying Russian Oil! That would be just an exercise in futility - A Public Relations campaign that does not really bite .   When you have something like a commodity and you do not buy specific Russian products, then if you allow someone else to buy those same specific Russian products then they will and you will get the same product supplied by someone else.   Then the net effect on the market and the market price is almost zero.   What we need here is real sanctions and not some symbolic measures.   This means we need not only to not buy Russian oil but sanction any country that does.   Hopefully there will only be a few sanction breakers which we will then need to deal with.

Now is not the time to buy a German brand car, etc.   Deutsche Bank says that if Germany cuts off Russia it will bring on recession in Germany.  We say a German recession is inevitable no matter what sooner or later because it is the price the Germans will have to pay for non sensical Covid-19 policies.   You can not dish out money, e.g. to Restaurants for being closed and take on 200 Billion debt without consequences.  In any case the world needs to convince Germany that the cost of not playing along with the most severe sanctions against Russia will actually cost Germany more.  Not just because it places German future security at risk but because the world refuses to do business with short sighted Germany.  So let's send a clear signal to Deutsche Bank and the German government by not buying those obvious German goods.   

The rest of the world has also to abandon Russian energy (Oil).  It is tough but the most sensible thing to do.   Politicians need to stop worrying about their own ratings (and the public to go easy on them in the face of rising oil prices) when it comes to saving the world from another Hitler.

France - defense is not about empty words

But what are those empty words of Macron all about.  He likes to paint himself as a world class leader but he does not lead.  Macron suggested that he would lead an International effort to help refugees get out of Mariupol, but after speaking with Putin he postponed it indefinitely.  One million Ukrainians are reported to have been resettled to Siberia against their will.

France has now an opportunity to show that European countries can do more for each others defense.  Europe's defense is certainly not about cozying up to the new Hitler type figure Putin.

China - you can not have it both ways

You are supporting an invasion by a country that is creating illegitimate "independent" republics within a sovereign country.  As these republics are being created by Stalin like methods and have no right to sovereignty, you should be very afraid that those same arguments could be used for Hong Kong, Tibet, Xinjiang and Taiwan.  If any country has the right to sovereignty than it is Taiwan.  Your abandonment of one country two system principle for Hong Kong leaves no reasonable option for Taiwan to be associated with China.  So according to your own logic now is the time for countries around the world to start recognizing Taiwan.   We call on any country small or large to lead the way.  Iceland was the country that lead the way for the Baltic countries, for which they are forever grateful.  What country will lead the way in recognizing Taiwan?  Maybe if countries around the world start engaging more with Taiwan, China will take that as a signal that it can not have it both ways.   China needs to join other countries around the world in opposing Russia's invasion of Ukraine and supporting the imposed sanctions.

India - your choice - is it India's-Russia's-China's axis of evil?

You may not understand how awful Hitler was and how awful it is for the world to have a New Hitler (Putin), but you understand Chinas aggressive behavior and the need for the whole world to stand together against such evil.  You can not expect to sit by now and finance the New Hitler and expect some support in the future when China turns its aggression towards India.   It is not enough to get some vague statements from India in support of Ukraine.  India needs to join other countries in sanctioning Russia or otherwise be boycotted or sanctioned itself.

Japan - it is time to put your investment in India on hold

It is not enough to get some vague statements from India in support of Ukraine.  India needs to join other countries in sanctioning Russia or otherwise be boycotted or sanctioned itself.

Israel - the people of Israel are not the only people who suffer

As the people who suffered most at the hands of Hitler, and as the recipients of endless military aid it is horrible how little you do for Ukraine.   Passing on the unreasonable demands of the next Hitler to be Putin does not really count and appears to be just a lame excuse for not doing the right thing.  We have heard that many Israelis are ashamed of how little Israel is doing to help Ukraine.  The latest evil act is to hinder Germany in delivering missiles to Ukraine that use Israeli technology.  Israel is now finding out as did the countries that did not sufficiently resist Hitler during world war II that it is futile to try to pacify the new Hitler.   The new Hitler is already threatening Israel (in connection with incursions into Syria) and taking actions against Jews, making it harder for them to emigrate (Russia just banned the Jewish Agency from operating in Russia), making them subject to arrest and fear. 

UAE - Something is rotten in the state of UAE

When the overwhelming majority of the world countries condemn Russia UAE is among the very few that do not. 

Saudi Arabia - should be permanently blocked from getting military equipment

When you have everything money can buy how about getting a good reputation by being on the side of goodness rather than evil.  Do you prefer to be remembered as the tyrant who sends experts in dismembering human bodies?

Putin may have gone on a rampage because he was talked down to.  Similarly MBS may be in a bad mood because he is not talked to like a respectable prince.  But remember that respect has to be earned.  MBS is not earning it by embracing the fellow tyrant Putin.  MBS has the chance now to flip over to the good side.  Otherwise Saudi Arabia should be blocked from the non savage world.

Turkey - time to reverse your nonsensical policies

Stop subsidizing money and the rich by charging low or negative real interest rates.  This policy does not make sense.  It is the reason for the everlasting stagnation of Japan, and for the slow growth in Europe and elsewhere.  Business does not make sense when you can borrow money and pay less back.  It is bad for employment for example as automation is subsidized.    Your country is now the leading offender in this policy that makes the rich richer, the poor poorer and robs the young people of their future.  STOP THIS NONSENSE OF LOW INTEREST RATES.  Secondly be a responsible member of NATO, give the S400's to Ukraine and stop playing the victim and embrace success.  Are you too foolish to recognize that Turkey is next in line for Russia to gain unhindered access to the Mediterranean?  Don't be controlled by bribes.  It does not make sense to do a car factory with Russia and Iran when everyone else is avoiding doing business with these evil countries.

South Korea - time to give back some generosity 

Your have joined the free world.  You should do your part in defending it.  Show some real initiative you have the military capability.

Pakistan - get out of your bad mood

You received enormous amount of aid from the US.  Just because you had a quarrel and ended your cooperation with the US does not mean that you should embrace the evils of Russia and China.

Companies that keep on doing business in Russia

As long as our sanctions do not cover the business that these companies do they are free to continue doing business in Russia.  However if we feel strongly that the current sanctions are not enough we as customers of those same companies can take our business elsewhere.   A lot of companies have taken on huge charge for abandoning their business in Russia.  For these responsible companies it is not about not making a profit in Russia, it is actually about making a substantial loss from the Russian operations.   Companies that are still doing business in Russia (this still applies even though they may not be expanding or even if they have reduced their activities in Russia) include Sbarro and Domino's pizza, Alibaba, Amgen, Archer Daniels Midland, AstraZeneca, Bayer, Baker Hughes, Benetton, Campari,  Colgate-Palmolive, Danone, Diesel, Ecco, Fischer Sports, Forever Living Products, Geox, GlaxoSmithKline, Glencore, Honor, Huawei, HSBC, ING Bank, Indian Oil Corporation, Ingram Micro, Intesa Sanpaolo, Johnson & Johnson, Julius Baer, Kimberly-Clark, Kraft Heinz, Lenovo, Merck, Metro, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Mizuho Financial Group, Mondelez-Nabisco, Micro-Star International (MSI), Novartis, NTT Data, ONGC, Oppo, Philips, Proter & Gamble, Pfizer, Roche, Raiffeisen Bank, Red Bull, Ritter Sport, Schlumberger, Subway, TGI Friday's, Tom Ford, Toshiba, Weatherford International, and UniCredit.  However clever companies see that they have more to loose by continuing business in Russia but alienating a substantial part of their customers elsewhere.  Putin is the new Hitler.  It is like continuing to do business with Nazi Germany during WWII.

So now is not the time to buy a Oppo, Honor or Huawei mobile telephones.  It is a good time to avoid most major pharmaceutical companies.  It is not a good time to snack on Ritter Sport or drink a can of Red Bull.  Better not stop by Subway's or TGI's Friday's.  Nor is it a good idea to buy products from Lenovo, Philips or Toshiba, Ecco or Geox Shoes.  One can avoid cloths from Benetton and Diesel.  One can avoid the Alibaba platform and MSI electronics and motherboards.   One can avoid Maxwell house coffee and the Heinz and Kraft and Philadelphia food products.   There are also many banks to avoid, including Julius Baer, HSBC, ING Bank, Raiffeisen Bank and UniCredit.

If you feel that one of those companies or products does not belong on this boycott list please send us an email to:

IKEA - has lots of Chinese and Indian products that we could avoid buying for the time being

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