Hitler never again!

Hitler also liked to pose with little girls to create a false impression

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The New Hitler must be stopped

The people of Nazi Germany hardly did anything to stop Hitler at the time and other governments were guilty of making deals with this devil. This time round we must not let apathy and naivety govern our response. Continue reading >

  • We must speak up and communicate like we are doing against this new Hitler and all those that support him and other tyrannical leaders . Please help us spread our messages my sharing our web site and/or by donating

  • Nations must not continue engaging with Russia as if this aggression were acceptable in this day and age. Russia should be designated as a state supporter of terrorism.

  • Nations must not continue to do business with Russia and thereby finance the war effort, the total devastation of Ukraine step by step and the genocide of its people and culture

  • Nations must condemn the forced relocation of more than a million people, mostly women and children and the subsequent sham referendums

  • Nations must recognize the similarities that the Putin regime has with the Nazi Germany regime.

  • Nations must provide all the equipment including advanced weapons that Ukraine needs to defend itself

  • If anyone is about to use a nuclear weapon that person must be stopped by any means! If he is overthrown we must make sure that who ever replaces him is not worse!

  • We the people must do what we can do and to pressure our countries and other nations to do the right things as mentioned above

  • Not to do these things makes us as bad as the otherwise nice people of Nazi Germany

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What makes Putin the New Hitler?

Continue reading >

Putin even threatened peaceful Ireland. At the beginning of the war he planned military exercises in Irish fishing waters.

  • He pursues minorities

    • He is doing drone attacks against Jews pilgriming to Odessa

    • He is proportionally drafting and sending minorities more than others and without adequate training to a probable death at the front lines. (Compare to Hitler sending Jews to the gas (showers) chambers.

  • He forcefully sends women and children against their will to remote areas of Russia. More than a million people so far

  • His drive to take over the world

    • His first step of trying to take over Ukraine

    • The rhetoric expressed by his people to take over the Baltic states, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania as well as Belarus, Moldovia and Poland

    • His emphasis on the military build up of Crimea and having a land route to Crimea. Which can only be viewed as a spring board to further aggression or conversion of countries like Turkey into puppet states.

    • His threatening behavior towards various countries including peaceful Ireland

    • His disregard for the agreement made with Ukraine (together with the UK and US) to uphold its security in exchange for them giving up their nuclear weapons and his absolutely treacherous suggestion of using nuclear weapons against them - which actually obliges the UK and US to step in more decisively NOW!

The cornered Rat

What can Putin do? Continue reading >

Putin knows about the concept of the cornered Rat because he wrote about his experiment as a young man in cornering a huge rat. Now he is in that position.

Putin's live is in danger.

He is threatened from two directions. From hardliners and from people that want a more sensible approach to Russia's coexistence in this world. He has been brutal in his attack on the latter, judging from prominent people falling from windows, a boat and the "accident" where someone fell down several flights of stairs.

He seems to be underestimating the threat that comes from the hardliners. For his own safety he should distance himself from the hardliners.

He should stop his hormone treatment. Testosterone injections only make your balls smaller. (A proven medical fact ;) Putin is extremely occupied with his body appearance which makes this so laughable.

He should make a U-turn, admit that referendum results were falsified and blame it on the officials (who were stupid and immoral enough to participate in that charade) , withdraw and build a new prosperous Russia that works with the world instead of against it. This would be the greatest statesmanship the world has seen.

There is probably not a fat chance in hell for this to happen. The only other chance he can come out of this alive is to get an asylum somewhere. In which case, given his power he should make sure that an honest person takes over the interim administration and not like it was last time a corrupt person following a corrupt person as Putin followed Yeltsin.

History will not be kind to Putin. Eventually the cover up will end and Putin will be exposed for what he was. If not now, in a decade there will not be anyone who wants to beautify his actions, but quite to the contrary. Putin has tried to beautify the horrors of Stalin but this attempt to rewrite the history books will also come to nothing.

The same applies to all other misguided leaders, Erdogan, Modi, Viktor Orbán, Bolsonaro, Bashar al-Assad, Maduro, Lukashenko, Ebrahim Raisi, Khamenei, MBS, Xi and Trump.

Iran supports evil

How can a religious leader support evil? Iranian so called supreme leader does. Continue reading >

First the Iranians shoot down an Ukraine commercial airplane. Instead of showing their regret they continue to facilitate the death of Ukrainian citizens. By supplying the evil regime of the New Hitler's Russia with military grade drones. Iran may have a negative opinion of the US and Israel. But what is absolutely clear is that the Russian regime is evil. Iran is working ever more closely with all the evil regimes of the world. Iran so called supreme leader is not a supreme leader at all because he does not listen to the will of his own people and every religious person in the world should denounce him for working with and for evil and that includes his nuclear aspirations.

The Iranian regime is also clearly evil in suppressing and killing its own citizens.

Hurrah to all women who stand up for their right not to wear a headscarf, like the CNN reporter Christiane Amanpour who has interviewed every Iranian president since 1995 but refused to bend to the wishes of the Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi to wear a head scarf. #hijabchoice

Calling all women in the world to burn their hijabs to support the struggle of women and men of Iran and for the Iranian people to get rid of rulers that break the most fundamental concept of all religions, not to do evil. #evilfreeiran

In the name of righteousness and even the most basic religious concepts of religion let the people of Iran get rid of the tyranny and the evil that plagues their country's leadership #Kopftuch #OpIran See our separate page calling for women's rebellion.

Saudi Arabia is holding the world hostage

OPEC should not take part in covering up murder!. Continue reading >

MBS the son of the King of Saudi Arabia is facing charges in a civil trial in the United States for enabling or having a Washington Post journalist, murdered and dismembered like a piece of meat at the Saudi Arabian embassy in Turkey.

In order to avoid justice he is apparently holding the world hostage. He is threatening to cut the supply of oil and has just asked daddy to make him a Prime Minister. Which daddy did without there being a legal foundation in Saudi Arabia for such a move.

His threat of oil cuts and his move to take over the prime minister role is in order to appeal to the Biden Administration to recognize him as a head of state and to make him exempt from being charged in a civil trial.

... to be continued

To Elon Musk and anyone that thinks now is the time to compromise

To allow Putin to regroup is a mistake that must not be made again. Continue reading >

The west made a compromise and allowed Putin to hold Crimea without much consequence. This led him to make an even more aggressive move 8 years later. Putin himself has said that it is normal to have to withdraw only to regroup and come back stronger another time. If Putin is allowed to keep some kind of land corridor to Crimea then he has won and next time he will only be emboldened to go further. He has initial ambitions for Moldova and various ex Soviet states, the Baltic States, Poland, probably Turkey and beyond.

Unlike last time Putin is likely to really modernize the military before starting World War III. He would not even care if that meant that most of his citizens would reduce their living standard to that of the citizens of Mali, the mean income in Russia is already lower than in India.

Recently Elon Musk tweeted a compromised solution to the end the war in Ukraine.

Elon Musk is in a position to have access to great minds and no doubt has he consulted with some of them. That does not make him more of an expert than us the ordinary people. Some experts were of the opinion that Russia would take over Ukraine in a matter of days. These experts were proved wrong. The overwhelming logic now for anyone who pauses to think is that there is no going back to trusting the New Hitler.

When Elon Musk mini submarine could not be used to save some teenagers stranded in a cave in Thailand his ego was hurt. We hope this time he will respond differently and adapt his rhetoric to be more helpful to Ukraine as have some of his actions been. He is also, given his business venture in China, in a position to campaign for China to stop supporting Russia.

Elon Musk or anyone who can spare some change please support our communication campaign by clicking on this link or by making a larger donation via bank transfer:

Beneficiary: Charitable Institute


IBAN Account:

IS85 0133 3800 0649 6806 2112 80

Thank you

Who do we think we are?

Who do you think YOU are? Continue reading >

The ordinary German citizen is a very nice person and the same was probably true in Nazi Germany. Yet the German nation during the Nazi era was responsible for the most horrendous crimes against humanity. How can that be if they were really nice people? Simple - by doing way to little to stop the Nazis. Every human being should learn from this recent history.

Each and everyone that does nothing now is responsible for the autocracies being carried out in Ukraine, just as the Germans and those that gave the Germans the benefit of the doubt were responsible for the actions including the holocaust of Nazi Germany.

This is how we look at it. So we are compelled to do something. We can not stand by while genocide takes places, mass graves are discovered, attacks are carried out targeting schools, hospitals, cultural monuments, civilians, the property of ordinary people or any structure that belongs to Ukraine or against the defenders of Ukraine which have the right to defend their own country.

We are just ordinary people that decided to do what we can. We know how to get our messages across the world so that they sow ideas in others which we hope will sprout more support across the world.

Communication should not be underestimated. Your governments are likely not to do enough to support Ukraine unless they get pressure from their citizens. Such pressure does not happen unless people have an understanding of the issues. This is what we facilitate. Our Russian speaking readership is growing very fast, in fact 3000% faster than expected. Our messages often appear at the top of a page on Google and on average more often than the BBC.

You too can do something. You can forward our website, organize demonstrations, write letters to politicians, contact influencers or at the very least make a small donation to our effort. Crowdfunding has the potential to make a real difference. If we had some external funds we could do so much more. We also need online and onsite volunteers (including translators, you can stay for a short or longer time for a low fee in the Swiss mountains or Iceland - if someone can sponsor that we would like to lower that fee or eliminate it)

Who do you think you are? Is it your legacy that you did nothing as Europe was being attacked?

Tell us (by WhatsApp or email) what you are doing to differentiate yourself from the nice people of Nazi Germany.

A referendum at gun point

The whole world must make it abundantly clear that this is absurd: Continue reading >

Russia held a sham referendums in the occupied areas of Ukraine. The following people will not be able to vote:

  • The Ukrainians who have already been killed. No polling booths at mass graves.

  • Most men who would oppose as they are in the Ukrainian army beyond the Russian war line

  • All the people who are not deemed to be supportive of Russia. They have either fled or been sent to Siberia. More than one million people have been sent to Siberia so far.

  • All the people who do not trust that their vote would be anonymous. They will not show their true preference for fear of their lives and livelihood if singled out by the authorities

  • It appears that large parts of the territories in question were under Ukrainian control and hence had no referendums. How can you have a referendum for a whole region when their are no ballet boxes for a large part of the population, in addition to the problems mentioned above?

  • Additionally Russia can not be trusted to tally the results correctly. Indeed the elections and referendums within Russia itself and the puppet state of Belarus have been deemed untrustworthy

  • It is not appropriate to throw money at new regions (which is not likely to be for too long) while established regions of Russia are massively deprived. In fact the mean income in Russia is lower than that of India.

  • Also it is not appropriate and against international law and conventions to selectively single out parts of countries and just take them over based on some referendums.

    • For example many bordering areas of Switzerland, be they in France, Germany, Austria or Italy might very well want to be incorporated in Switzerland.

    • On the other hand if one of those countries would throw enough money at Switzerland, the Swiss might be willing to be taken over. But it would not serve any purpose.

The modern world is based on free trade and free movement of labor between countries that respect one another. This is what the young people want. To create and foster hatred by war, aggression, propaganda and the suppression of information is wrong and against the true will of the people.

Putin is mobilizing the Army reserves

This is how we must respond. Continue reading >

  • Do not let Russia crush Ukraine by sheer numbers. Now is the time to give longer range weapons to Ukraine so that they can destroy the supply lines, ammunition depots and provide them with everything we can think of including planes. It is not fair that Russia can draw some red lines while breaking every red line the modern world has drawn.

  • If we do not respond now we are complicit in the mass devastation of Ukraine regions that are Putin's first casualties.

  • We also need to allow in contractors that can help maintain Ukraine's new weapons. #StopTheNewHitler #RussianMobilization

What else can we do to get rid of the new Hitler

The Russian regime likes to go for normalcy. This is what we need to fight. Continue reading >

Russia wants countries to continue engaging with it as if that was a perfectly normal thing to do. Even if countries have subjected Russia to sanctions, Russia still wants to operate its embassies as before -free from protests-, for its people to visit as tourists, to take part in conferences and for Putin and his assemblage to be engaged as if they were normal human beings and not the monsters they really are.

We need to send the Russians clear messages at all levels that they are a pariah nation. Putin should not be treated as a pal. We should redraw and restrain every form of communication with Russia. Not doing so will give them the impression that they can get away with their monstrous imperialistic expansion. #nonewhitler

Furthermore we should also reconsider our relations with countries that continue to engage with Russia as if it was OK to do so. It is not OK to engage with the new Hitler. So we should put pressure on countries like Turkey, Hungary, Saudi Arabia, India, China, UAE, Serbia and even Israel, Germany, France, Italy and South Africa to stop all normal relations with Russia.

We need to use our creativity to amplify our message that what Russia is doing is so bad that no normality is possible at any level and to convince any country that wants to trade with or cooperate in any way or fashion with the free world that it needs to take part in these efforts to isolate Russia.

There are signs that what has been done so far is having an effect. Russian politicians are calling for Putin to resign or the parliament to impeach him. There is still a long way to go before this trickle of protests becomes a flood but it is already clear that most Russians would like Putin to go.

When we increase the pressure on Russia, be it by the above methods and by supplying more and better weapons to Ukraine the sooner we can free the Russian people from the tyranny and end the horrible suffering in Ukraine.

#Putler #Frieden #lavrov #lawrow #ukraine #donbass #kriegsverbrecher #moskau #gewissen #diplomatie #aussenminister #frieden #CommissionOfInquiry

Incredible double speak coming out of Germany

Germany is making statements that seem to be designed to give the impression that Germany is helping Ukraine when in fact it is hardly doing anything. Continue reading >

Kyiv says it needs 1000 Howitzers and Germany has given nine and has now approved an order from Kyiv for the manufacturing of 100 howitzers (I suspect Kyiv and not the Germans are paying for these) which will take many years to manufacture and in the meantime Ukraine citizens face a living hell.

Germany is refusing to send western tanks and uses it as an excuse that no other European country has provided these. Well the countries that are closest to the Russian threat did not have any western tanks, and France and Italy seem to be as much in the pocket of Putin as Germany is.

Germany says it wants to have the strongest military in Europe. This would be a waste of money. What is the use of a strong military that does not help protect Europe until Putin is at the German border. No country can do it alone. No country can defend it self sufficiently without the help of other countries. German refusal to go beyond the minimum help for Ukraine, means that it can not and should not assume a leading role.

In the meantime a coalition party, an opposition party and the European Commission president are calling for tanks to be delivered to Ukraine.

When will the double speak end and real support for Ukraine begin? To act now would be much cheaper than having to defend against an emboldened new Hitler later. #Russland #Regime #Reservisten #Proteste #Einwanderer #Kanoenfutter #Wehrdienst #UnserLandZuerst #Organisationen #Weltkrieg #Referendum

India is working against Ukraine

Germany is not supporting Ukraine as it should but India is actually working against Ukraine. Continue reading >

Who comes up with these public relations stunts?!? Recently it was reported that India handed over 7,725 kilograms of humanitarian aid to Ukraine. How irresponsible can the media be to report such far fetched hypocrisy? For comparison India imports 150,000,000 kilograms of of Russian oil PER DAY, (approximately 2 million percent more kilograms PER DAY) with money that lines the war coffers of the New Hitler's Russia and is actually fueling the war. Part of the blame goes to Germany for being slow to boycott Russian oil, but a huge blame is on the US, Japan and the EU for continuing to make deals with India when India is really working against them. Any deals with India should be contingent on India stopping its imports of Russian oil.

India is in the company of China in undermining the oil boycott. What a great companionship. China recently took or was given control of about 1000 sq km of Indian land in the Himalayas. India's priorities are obviously messed up. Does it expect western support in standing up to China, without supporting the west now. Or are they just going to continue to give China what it wants?

Now a few weeks later. CNN is making the point that India's action do not follow India's words.

India should realize that Russian weapons are a waste of money and will not help India protect itself from China.

We need a world boycott of Russian oil, to stop financing Russia's war against Ukraine. Now there is no real boycott, nor is there going to be with the price-cap.

The politicians are making a mockery of the sacrifices people around the world are making supposedly for the benefit of Ukraine. Continue reading >

People around the world are paying a price for the sanctions against Russia weather they want to or not (and in fact most people would not mind if it really helps). People are making their contribution by paying higher gasoline prices and through higher inflation which makes a dent in peoples savings. What the politicians should be concerned about and should really address is the ineffectiveness of the measures they have taken. Half hearted measures just do not work. It is only a symbolic gesture not to buy a commodity directly from Russia, while Russia is able to continue to finance the war by selling that commodity (oil) to someone else.

Therefore for the oil sanctions to be effective, pressure and sanctions need to be carried out against the countries that undermine the sanctions, including China, UAE, India, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Hungary, Turkey and Germany.

A price-cap on Russian oil is not the same as a boycott and even if successfully implemented is not as effective as a proper boycott, because it allows money albeit a bit less to be sent to Russia to finance the war. An unsuccessful implementation of a price-cap is a terrible thing because it allows ships transporting Russian oil to continue to be insured and various countries to still receive Russian oil as if it was OK but if neither India or China take part it is yet another lame half hearted measure that is actually much worse than trying to go for a boycott. Unlike a properly enforced sanctions a price-cap does not reduce CO2 emissions quite to the contrary.

Politicians are guilty of not fully supporting Ukraine by not putting up effective oil sanctions. The current oil boycotts merely reroute Russian oil and have no bite. If the politicians wanted to make effective sanctions they can, but they do not because they are afraid rising oil prices will loose them some votes. A very short-sighted and irresponsible approach. We now clearly see how shameful it was to continue to do business and deals with Hitler's Germany during the 2nd world war. Continuing to do business with Putin's Russia is no different. History should judge these gutless politicians. The public should let the politicians know that righteousness is more important than paying a bit more at the gas pump. Not least because it is the only effective way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The world will pay dearly if we do not bring CO2 emissions under control and the same applies if we allow Hitler-like people to get their way.

Europe has not stopped importing Russian oil and with the price-cap solution there does not appear to be any such boycott in sight unless Russia itself will bar the export of oil to countries that implement the price cap.

We also need to boycott / sanction way more Russian goods. The pressure on Putin must be relentless. When companies can not export their goods, the pressure increases.

We must oppose the proposed prisoner exchange between the new Hitler's Russia and the US

How many lives is Brittney Griner worth? Whether it will turn out to be one thousand or hundred thousand, the price is too high. Continue reading >

Make no qualms about it the Putin administration does not want the Russian arms trader Viktor Bout because they care for him as a person, but because they need his expertise. It is already clear that Russia is scouring the world to get more weapons from around the world. Russia has even attempted to buy western weapon factories. They obviously need the help of an experienced arms smuggler who is able to bypass international sanctions and establish secret routes for weapons and the money or other goods used to pay for the weapons. These weapons will then be used in the war with Ukraine, which targets the innocent people and their possessions, including cultural sites, schools and hospitals. We must oppose this . We doubt that the fans of Brittney Griner would want so many people to suffer. Brittney's heavy sentence amounts to kidnapping. If we make a deal with the kidnappers it will only lead to more kidnappings. By such unjust handling of foreigners in Russia, Russia is hurting itself, no one from the west in his right mind will visit Russia which means that their tourism industry is dead. We should respond by severely restricting Russian tourists from visiting the west as Finland has already done while keeping the path open for Russians that oppose the war and are fleeing from the régime. Once again it is Germany that is standing in the way of righteousness by opposing European wide restrictions on Russian tourists. #NoPrisonerExchange

Turkey should decide if it wants to be a third world country together with North Korea, Russia (which is heading fast in that direction) and drug dealing Syria

It is possible to have an interest-free financial system, but not the way Turkey does it (contact us for details). Turkey needs to be a responsible member of NATO. To be more democratic and get rid of corruption first and foremost within the current regime. Continue reading >

By subsiding interest, Erdogan is giving away everything to his friends who can borrow money and only pay a fraction back. No one else in their right mind, than Erdogan's friends dare to invest because there is no point in gathering wealth in Turkey when it can all be taken away in an instant. As Erdogan has nationalized more than 1000 companies, reportedly some of which have refused to pay him bribes. This hurts the Turkish economy because these companies need their owners to be run well and to stay afloat.

Turkey sometimes makes good gestures towards Ukraine. But everything positive Turkey does is undermined by making deals with Russia and Iran, Ukraine's enemies. #DünyaLideri #DünyaLideriDeğil

How cold will it be indoor this winter?

Europeans are worried about some energy shortages. What we should be worried about is the Ukrainians?

European energy needs can all be taken care of with some planning, engineering and hard work. We should be more worried about Ukrainians freezing to death. Putin thinks that he will gain an upper hand by cutting off energy from the Ukrainians in winter, with his control over gas, and nuclear facilities. Already he is attacking the power infrastructure. Now is the time to massively step up our support for Ukraine, to kick Russia out BEFORE winter, with more weapons, ammunition, planes and anything we can think of.

Stupid Hungary

Germany was stupid by relying on Russian energy. It must be said that Hungary is even more stupid.

How crazy can they be to go ahead with the construction of Russian Atomic Power stations. The west has been worried about the use of Huawei telephone equipment as it might allow the Chinese to incorporate spying and disruption capabilities. The Russian have just shown their readiness to disrupt (even at the cost of hurting their own future energy sales to the West). The Russians could incorporate disruption capabilities in those Atomic Power stations, uncontrolled radiation, controlled radiation or out of control radiation (you never know the end results - might even hurt Russia itself)

The European Union and the world should step in and stop this madness. Not stepping in is bad and potentially catastrophic for the Hungarian people, Europe and beyond.

Kudos to Israel for allegedly attacking an Iran drone manufacturing facility that has been manufacturing drones to be used by Russia against Ukraine

Israel has ashamedly been standing on the sidelines and has not stepped in to help Ukraine despite obvious similarities with Hitler and the new Hitler. It is therefore great that they did something that makes a positive difference for Ukraine.

It is time to recognize that it is impossible to make a deal with a Hitler type of personality. Sooner or later Putin will not honor any agreement. In addition Israel is insulting its past and showing ungratefulness for all the support it has gotten from around the world, not least from the US ,for not standing up to the common enemy. Now is the time to be clear that Russia stands with Iran and now is the right time to kick Iran out of Syria and to put a halt to Iran's nuclear program that not only threatens Israel but the whole of Europe. Israel should also start to really support Ukraine. Now is not the time to show weakness. This is like Nazi Germany again not enough support even when faced with mass graves!

Iran is obviously not serious about making a sensible deal. They want a deal without being properly inspected. Any deal that does not uncover all the enriched uranium and the equipment to enrich uranium would not be worth the paper it is written on. Such a deal would be an insult to all the experts on the matter and the intelligence of the general public and would leave the world at the mercy of some religious fanatics.

It is time for Israel to take further action before the Iranians will be in a position to do irreversible harm to Israel. Time is running out. It will not be so nice to live in Israel when its people are at the mercy of some religious fanatic in Iran. The Iranians themselves do not like the supreme bad leaders of their country.

Talk of an economic NATO, is just empty words while we continue to make various agreements with India while it keeps undermining the Russia's oil boycott.

Wake up Japan, Europe and the US. Make any agreement with India conditional on a boycott of Russian oil.

For the righteous countries of the world. While China does not support Ukraine, we should make it clear that it can not have it both ways.

Continue reading >

Step up your treatment of Taiwan as a separate country. Take Pelosi's visit Taiwan as a good example. Have your politicians visit Taiwan. Name your consular missions after Taiwan and not just Taipei. China deserves to be irritated as it is an enabler of the bloody invasion of the Ukraine.

China is heading for failure. If Xi is voted in again by corrupt politicians who only care for themselves and have no regard for the will of the people this will lead to the destruction of China as we come to know it. In fact the dismantling of prosperous China is well on its way.

Take for example the recent meeting between Putin and Xi. Well they made some agreements designed as an alternative to the trade and cooperation of righteous countries. At the same time the US stated they would bar the Chinese from investing in US technology firms. Guess which of these events is going to make a greater impact for the future of China.

Just a few years ago the situation for China looked promising. High economic growth and burgeoning trade with the whole world. Trade is continuing but the growth is slower, because countries around the world are becoming wary of China. Governments want to cut reliance on Chinese goods. Ordinary people around the world are noticing that China is cozying up to evil countries like Russia, North Korea, Myanmar, Iran and by extension Syria. All this will lead to China being shunned as supplier of goods and companies certainly do not want to be burned again as they have been in Russia by having operations in such a country that has a faltering sense of righteousness. With a leadership that resembles the relationship between Hitler and Mussolini. The resemblance between Tiger and Winnie the Pooh where Xi is in the role of Winnie the Pooh is absolutely nothing for Xi to be worried about compared to being compared to Hitler and Mussolini.

Thailand needs to listen to its people and kick out politicians that go against their interests.

Thailand's future lies with the West and definitely not with China. It is therefore insane that Thailand's military is doing military exercises with China; A country that is financing Russia's war in Ukraine (by buying Russia's oil) and threating most of its neighbors.

Until this changes we should consider spending our holidays elsewhere.

Ukraine's gravest danger comes from the three cowards that visited Kiev!

Scholtz, Macron and Draghi. They have been suggested a plan where Putin could have a ceasefire, which would allow him to regroup and reorganize to take over the whole of Ukraine, Moldova and who knows what else.

Putin himself recently said on the record to a group of students that it was a good plan to withdraw in order to come back later with a greater force. How blind, deaf, and lacking in righteous speech can these European pseudo-leaders be (see the photo above)? Are they compromised agents of Putin, just like Trump is claimed to be? (Russia is known to make donations, provide or guarantee loans, and to take compromising photos and videos of anyone, that might be useful to have under its thumb). Those monkeys are suggesting that the threat of the reintroduction of lifted sanctions would prevent Russia from attacking again later without providing proper security guarantees. Open up your eyes and ears you fools! Russia is already threatening to take on Lithuania and Poland. When you have a lunatic like Putin, the threat of sanctions is obviously not enough to hinder future aggression. It will be much more costly to be prepared for that aggression than to really help Ukraine now. Forget about making a deal with the new Hitler. WWII thought us it makes no sense to make deals with the likes of Hitler.

It is Scholtz that should have resigned rather than Boris Johnson because he is telling lies where it matters. Ukraine is not receiving heavy weapons from Germany nor is Germany providing modern weapons to Greece or Poland as it promised so that these countries in turn could send their Soviet style weapons to the Ukraine.

Russia is stepping up its attacks on the Ukrainian infrastructure (dams, electric grid, power stations), while the rest of the world does not see the urgency to really step up their support to stop the ever more aggressive new Hitler!

It is not enough that the west thinks Ukraine is winning. (See the 2nd side article)

The right valuation of any cryptocurrency is ZERO - find out why. (Another Open Letter)

It is a crime against humanity not to help Ukraine as much as we can!

Yet there are countries that are really dragging their feet - including Germany and the US really needs to address some key issues NOW

During World War II big mistakes where made in dealing with Hitler. We need to ensure that we do not make similar mistakes in dealing with the new Hitler (Putin).

Apart from sending effective weapons ,what we need to do is to stop financing the evil regime. So far this is where we have miserably failed. Russia is having so much success in selling it's oil that it is refusing to sell to some bloody Indian refineries (yes bloody because anyone and not least those that want to increase their purchases of Russian oil are co-responsible for the atrocities in Ukraine). So if Russia does not need additional buyers it means that the Oil sanctions are not working. Why?

The biggest blame goes to Germany. It is more difficult to persuade other countries not to buy Russian oil while Europe continues to do so. And to give oneself additional 9 months to wean Germany off Russian oil means that Germany is co-responsible for the continued atrocities in Ukraine for all that time. How many cities have to be destroyed, lives, livelihoods, churches and hospitals? How many people, including children need to flee or to be forcibly relocated to Siberia before Germany does the right thing? Germany did not care for the economic consequences of it's non-sensical overreaction to Covid-19, yet now for a few percentage points of economic growth (if indeed there is any economic growth lost because we should actually boycott German products; vote with our feet against this greedy approach) it is just simply mean not to do more for Ukraine. Germany was responsible for WWII and Germany has been receiving enormous military aid from America. It was Germanies own decision to rely on Russian Oil and Gas despite of being warned about the perils of this approach. Now is the time to pay the consequences without continuing to support Russia, so that the righteous countries could step up their dissuasion for any country to buy Russian oil.

Secondly the United States, the EU and other countries that represent big markets should use their powers to make sure that other countries do not buy Russian oil. Otherwise stopping to buy Russian oil themselves is just a token measure that has no bite.

We should also keep in mind that the only effective way to combat climate change entails rising oil prices. A simple economic fact that Germany is ignoring and thus the green party that is part of the German coalition can only be called a pseudo-green party.

Please help us get these messages through, we are all responsible for the atrocities in Ukraine if we do not try to do our bit. One of the most important bit we can do is to facilitate communications. Please help us spread our message with a donation. Donations can be made securely with PayPal, Credit Card or via bank transfer

Russia's black sea fleet needs to be sunk now!

With the world supply of grain being held hostage by the Russian fleet millions of people could die.

We can not let the people of the poorest countries around the world suffer more on top of what our inconsiderate Covid-19 policies have already inflicted upon them.

A few countries are doing a lot for Ukraine, some countries are also making a welcome partial effort, but most countries are dragging their feet, including the EU which is postponing an oil embargo until end of the year. Even though the US is doing a lot, they need NOW to enable Ukraine to attack the Russian forces that continue their relentless destruction. Now is the time to really step up the military support for Ukraine , including a lot more missiles which can be used right away rather than rely on tanks which the Ukrainians need more time to be trained on. Time is of the essence. Israel needs to OK Germany sending missiles that incorporate Israeli technology. Missiles are also needed to sink the Russian Black Sea Fleet to release the Ukrainian food export embargo imposed by Russia that is otherwise likely to cause famine across the world.

Our problem is that in the face of Ukraine's early successes the world is becoming too complacent. The New Hitler (Putin) ruthlessly trudges ahead, sparing nothing in his path and even without regard for his own soldiers. Russia has taken a lot of prisoners, including those in Mariupol. It appears his aim now is to surround and eventually capture another 50 000 Ukrainian soldiers. We can not let this happen. Although military support has been stepped up it takes too long a time to train Ukrainians to use much of this equipment. So we must think outside the box* and find ways to intervene NOW. We should not worry about stepping on the toes of the New Hitler. He has shown a total disregard for the people in these regions destroying the things they have built up in their lifetime and forcefully moving any civilians (more than a million people, including 200 000 children) who show their disapproval during interrogation, to Siberia against their will. Something that Stalin also did at the end of world war II. We can and we should massively step up our efforts and stop dragging our feet.

Although Putin has not been as successful as he expected, he is never the less gradually taking over Ukraine. We do not like to publicize it but it is a fact that he sees and it is what keeps him going. So we desperately need to step up our effort.

Russia is blockading Ukraine's food export endangering the worlds food security to counter this Ukraine needs advanced missiles to down Russia's instruments for the blockade, their war ships in the Black Sea. So that demining can take place. This must be done not only for Ukraine and to stop Putin in his tracks but to save the third world from hunger. Building some grain silos on Ukraine's land borders is a lame cowardly alternative.

Nothing less than a total boycott is required against the new Hitler's Russia

This is clearly in line with perceived public opinion. Companies and associations are indeed abandoning Russia because they see that this is what the public demands. It is the politicians that are not going as far as they should. How can any dealings be justified with the new Hitler regime.

Poland with Russia breathing down its neck has called for this boycott.

No country is excused from not taking part, for doing too little or for any delays.

One of the few countries that is now taking this seriously is the United States. Countries that are miserably failing include Germany, France, Hungary, China, India, Israel and Saudi Arabia. Read on to see what can be done about it.

'* (Outside the box ideas can take many different forms. One such idea is to send foreign navy ships to protect Ukraine's food shipments. That is a EU idea but as with everything EU when it comes to Ukraine one does not hold ones breath. Another idea is to send missiles for Ukraine to use now. Tanks may be more cost effective but there is not enough time to train the soldiers to use the tanks against the current offensive )

The text continues below....

Why does the new Hitler (Putin) think he has the winning hand?

Putin is no statesman. He is nothing but an amateurish spy, who never grew past that role except to become a Mafiosi full of himself.

So we need to look at things from the perspective of such a simple mind.

This is our hypothesis:

He felt that he was doing really well. He had divided America. Got the UK out of the EU and through his Oligarchs had made significant contributions to UKs ruling party. Could control the right wing parties of Europe and wider and possibly a lot of other politicians, through his tactics of bribes, loans, loan guarantees and compromising information and so on. Had for example the ex-chancellor of Germany on his payroll. Plus he had his spies working, even in the inner circles of Governments. All sorts of people were willing to compromise for money which he would combine with fear to get his own way. At home he had people thrown out of high rise windows and even in Berlin there was such an incident where the police simply handed the body back to the Russian embassy, without uproar. Like a true Mafiosi in order to send a message, rather than killing people with a bullet he would try to use chemical weapons for that, even on British soil. He had gotten the Americans out of Syria and gotten away with war crimes over there. He had totally spoiled the relations between America and Turkey. Even Poland and Hungary did not feel too welcome in the EU. He had gotten Europe hooked on Russian energy. He had gotten away with taking back Crimea and he remains confident that Trump will become his puppet apparent again. He seems to have the leaders of Europe's most populous countries in his pocket. He has gotten away with fake elections and he has all political opposition at home under his control, also when that means keeping them in jail. He had been informed that many Ukrainians would welcome Russia. He had made Belarus a puppet state. He had made agreements with OPEC and last but not least he got approval from China to invade Ukraine.

He felt like a true ruler not only of Russia but the whole world, sort of. So this year was the right time to invade.

And still he feels he is in control. He has cozied up to the populous countries of China, India, Mexico and Brazil, which are not at all hostile and has stopped France and Germany from any real interference (even the Russians make fun of how lame western support of Ukraine is: Dimitry Medvedev, deputy head of Russia's Security Council is quoted by The Telegraph as saying "some old howitzers are of zero use") . He has his Oligarchist under control, he apparently kills them and their entire families at any sign of resistance. The oil boycott will not come into full effect for another 6 months, nor the insurance boycott for ships carrying Russian oil. Nor is the oil boycott likely to be successful as there is no real pressure on countries like India and China to conform. Saudi Arabia the worlds largest supplier of Oil imports Russian Oil for its own use so that more of it's own production can be exported.

He has created the land corridor to Crimea which will enable him to continue his Hitler like plans. You have to be a fool to think it stops there. Controlling Turkey is the next step for unhindered access to the Mediterranean. (Why else would Crimea be so important?) Putin is meeting with the Turkeys leader Erdogan in July 2022 in Iran (a terrorist sponsoring country). Russia is already talking about withdrawing Lithuania's independence which through Belarus, would give it unhindered access to Russia's enclave of Kalinigrad (which like Crimea did not have a land corridor) and greater access to the Baltic Sea and beyond. Wake up world to the new Hitler.

We must stop him! Don't let potentially compromised politicians fool us, demand that your government does all it can do, to help Ukraine recover lost ground. To stop the new Hitler's expansion plans in its tracks.

Continue to the 2nd side article: "It is not enough that the west thinks Ukraine is winning"


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Eurovision 2022 winner official video showing the New Hitler (Putin's) destruction in Ukraine and the emotional crisis he is responsible for.

The video was filmen in Bucha, Irpin, Borodyanka, Hostomel, cities near Kyiv that suffered the horrors of Russian occupation.

Dedicated to the brave Ukrainian people, to the mothers protecting their children, to all those who gave their lives for our freedom.

Every man, every woman, every innocent child.

I am writing this because I strongly believe that crimes against humanity are not just the responsibility of a few crazy people but also all the people who let them happen by being not willing to make any sacrifices and by not saying or doing anything to try stop them.

Even if you do not like to follow horrible news: I encourage you to read the whole letter to get a comprehensive picture of what is happening and what needs to be done now. This page is regularly updated.

Would you like to help or voice your opinion then please visit our Ukraine Resource Center page and use the interactive form and see what our readers are commenting. For more information about us see the about and donate page. For some background information about how Ukraine previously obtained its freedom watch the movie documentary Winter of Fire at the bottom of this page. Or see Arnolds Schwarzenegger heartfelt message to the Russian people here. Many countries are failing Ukraine by not doing enough or the right things. Including among others Germany, France, Hungary, China, India, Israel and Pakistan and Turkey. More about that here.

In the face of the incredible military opposition by Ukraine. Russia is concentrating on its primary target to link Crimea which it occupied in 2014 and subsequently connected with a bridge to Russia, with a land corridor. But why is this so important for Russia? Well the bridge can be easily blown up and Russia seems to think this access to the Black Sea unhindered by the mountains above Sochi is of upmost strategic importance. But this does not really explain it except as a step in this strategic quest because Turkey controls the access to the Black Sea and without conquering Turkey by war or the Belarusian method of gradually installing a puppet regime, it would not make sense. Either that is the strategy and / or the strategy to further continue to cut of Ukraine's access to the black see and advance to Moldova. So if Putin is not stopped now he is likely to continue in one way or another. An emboldened Putin is much more dangerous. We must make sacrifices now to avoid much greater cost of dealing with Putin later.

Ukraine must not give Russia the chance to regroup and reorganize for a renewed future invasion. It is absurd to suggest that Ukraine both give up the possibility of joining NATO and demilitarize. That would be suicidal.

Putin and his cronies are the traitors of the Russian Nation. It is obvious that Putin does not care for the people of Russia for otherwise he would not destroy Russia's reputation, Russia's economy, Russia's pride, the future for Russian youth and Russia's place in the world. Russia must not think that the sanctions and boycotts are just temporary measures that they can live with while they continue this inhuman campaign and then just simply return to normal. (See more about this point further below)

We must urgently intensify our response to the deepening Ukrainian crises and definitely not believe anything that Russia says.

A total boycott of Russia, (oil being the most important item), international peacekeepers and more military aid without delay is what is required to stop this burgeoning Hitler in his tracks

Germany enables the new Hitler by not reacting fast enough

Germany which enabled the first Hitler through passive acceptance is doing it again with the new Hitler - Putin.

For a mere perceived few percentage points of lost economic growth shortsighted Germany is dragging its feet when it comes to a total boycott of Russian oil and not doing enough to use alternative ways of receiving liquified gas from elsewhere. There are several possibilities on offer and always the possibility to build harbor facilities at an accelerated phase. Germany choose to ignore the danger of relying on Russian energy, now they simply need to pay the price without blinking. Germany being the biggest importer of goods from Hungary is also in a position to insist that Hungary supports an oil embargo.

As it is crucial to stop the flow of money that finances the Russian invasion of Ukraine we need to help Germany to prioritize. We therefore call for a boycott of both Germany and Hungary. If they see that they have more to loose by enabling the new Hitler; not only their own national security (which they seem to value way to low) but that they will loose out on more economic growth by continuing their illogical policy of financing Put with energy purchases, maybe then these countries will come to their senses. Phasing out Russian oil in 6 months, as is the EU current proposal is too slow - why continue financing the Russian invasion and all the suffering that comes with it for so long? So now is not the time to do a vacation in Germany or buy a new German car or other German products - we must vote with our feet's and wallets.

Hungary also needs to be boycotted.

Please help spread this message to everyone you know.

We must also make it clear that the sanctions will not be removed until Ukraine is totally restored at the cost of Russia and until the war criminals are put in jail, however long this will take. The longer the war goes on the longer will be Russia's recovery - we are talking about years and decades. We must make it clear that business will not immediately revert be back to normal. It should be obvious that many of Russia's neighbors will not do business with Russia again while Putin remains in power.

Living up to his Hitler reputation. Putin appointed a notorious General who has been responsible for the war crimes in Syria to take the war in Ukraine to the next stage. His first act has been to use chemical weapons against Mariupol.

The world must react quickly with a total boycott and to send some real weapons (both in capabilities and quantitates). The US has come to its senses regarding this issue. The latest package of 33 billion is being considered. But Germany which has even more to loose is only contributing 1 billion. A military and humanitarian package of something like 10 times more would be more appropriate.

In the face of Russia's intensified attacks on civilians, on health care facilities, on schools and the Stalin like forced resettlement of refugees into remote places in Russia we must increase the sanctions to a total boycott as Poland is demanding. The UN general assembly needs to send the blue helmets peace units to Ukraine in order to prevent humanitarian catastrophe. We call on all countries to promote this action NOW at the UN.

Ukraine's greatest danger now is not of loosing the current war but the mistake of making a "peace" deal with the Putin the war criminal. Russia made a deal to defend Ukraine when the Ukraine gave up its nuclear weapons, it also originally made an international treaty where Crimea was said to belong to the Ukraine. And what does Russia do? It snapped Crimea back and now it is the country attacking Ukraine. So we can not and should not expect Ukraine to put a blind eye to what it has learned in its interactions with Russia. It makes no sense for Ukraine to give up its weapons and allow Russia to rebuild their military and thereby only deferring the inevitable Russia's retaking of Ukraine sometime in the future. The only way forward is for Ukraine to win the war and receive compensation and security assurances from Russia and for Russia to make some real concessions, not the other way round. Instead of displacing the Ukrainians that want to be under Ukrainian control who live in Donbas, those that are living in Donbas and do not want to be under Ukrainian control could move to Russia. We who have witnessed the Russian aggression must help Ukraine achieve this level of bargaining power. We can not let the Hitler type win in any sense of the word. The Russian people should treat Putin as a traitor and deal with him accordingly.

Common sense tells us that Ukraine who barely has the ability to defend its own territory and even if this was made more adequate is no security threat to Russia. Hence Russian demand for Ukraine to demilitarize can only be construed as an attempt to make it easier to take it over. We must point this out and help Ukraine to stay firm against such unreasonable demands. In the face of Russia's latest aggression this common sense interpretation is even more appropriate.

Possible solutions would be for Ukraine to demilitarize if and only if it would join NATO at the same time OR not to join NATO but instead of demilitarizing actually build up its defenses. But for sure Russia will not achieve any sense of greater security because all the NATO countries will be building up their defenses and Sweden and Finland will join which is what we have been suggesting because NOW is the best time when Russia is tied up in the Ukraine.

China can not have it both ways

It is totally illogical for China to support an invasion of an independent country and to justify Russia's recognition of the illegitimate terrorist controlled regions but at the same time object to any country remotely recognizing the legitimate country of Taiwan. As explained below, Russia would not be on this path without China's support. A path that begun with the declaration of independence by these regions and their recognition as independent republics by Russia and the subsequent invasion of Ukraine. Their is no reason to approve of such a Stalin type of takeover. It is not acceptable nowadays to displace people who are against the breakaway and then point to the people who remain as being for the breakaway. This method of Putin already practiced in Crimea and is similar to what Stalin did when he moved people against their will from the Baltics to Siberia. Taiwan on the other hand has not historically belonged to China and is in all practical aspects a separate country. We should make it clear that unless China stops undermining sanctions against Russia, we will recognize Taiwan. To get this dialog going I recommend you send this suggestion to your government and together we put pressure on China. No country is too small or big to be the first country to recognize Taiwan. At the very list all nations should step up their engagement with Taiwan to show China that they are on the wrong path. This has to happen without delay.

Other things we need to bear in mind is that oil boycotts do nothing to help Ukraine unless its part of a world wide enforced sanction program and that Ukraine needs anti-missile systems NOW and a no-fly-zone which could be enforced by non-NATO countries like Taiwan, South Korea and Israel. We also need to source many more fighter planes, e.g. via India (time for the country to join the alliance against the Chinese-Russian axis of evil).

World leaders need to stop mocking about and really help Ukraine NOW otherwise they are co-responsible.

The support for Ukraine, the outrage for the invasion and consequent sanctions against Russia have been greater than one could have imagined at the outset. However it is clear they are not enough. So we must take the next steps.

  • To create a NO-FLY ZONE now. Every country outside of NATO that has some air force capabilities could take part in enforcing the NO-FLY ZONE or at the very least provide fighter planes.

  • A total ban on trading Russia's Oil. This will reduce the world oil production unless Saudi Arabia, UAE (or Iran and Venezuela are allowed to) increases supplies. But that is not such a bad thing for that is the way to finally achieve what up until now has just been sweet talk but no action. We need to reduce carbon dioxide emissions to combat climate change and until now we just talked about it, but have never moved in the right direction. We have made small progress but overall it has always been regress. (Of course if we do cut out Russian oil we need to at the same time take some measures to enable people to switch their consumption patterns to use less oil such as improving public transport and the provision of alternative energy. In parallel we need to make deals with and allow and help Venezuela and Iran to put oil on the market. We need to choose between the greater and lesser evils.) Cutting Russia off, from the Oil market would kill two flies with one stone to say the least.

    • Reduce Russia's ability to finance the war

    • Make it impossible for Russia to hide the consequence of the war

    • Undermine Putin and hence possibly leading to a his overthrow (The US and EU say this is not the aim. But if the mad man can not be stopped otherwise that may be the best solution, especially for the Russian people themselves)

    • Save the planet from Climate Change

    • 100s of NGOs already support such oil and gas boycott measures

We should really cherish if UAE does what is now expected to increase oil production. It is good to keep in mind for the foreseeable future who is your friend and who are not.

It is not enough for individual countries to refrain from buying Russian Oil! That would be just an exercise in futility - A Public Relations campaign that does not really bite . When you have something like a commodity and you do not buy specific Russian products, then if you allow someone else to buy those same specific Russian products then they will and you will get the same product supplied by someone else. Then the net effect on the market and the market price is almost zero. What we need here is real sanctions and not some symbolic measures. This means we need not only to not buy Russian oil but sanction any country that does. Hopefully there will only be a few sanction breakers which we will then need to deal with.

(When it suits China it says it does not support sanctions. In actually China is sanctioning Australian coal but now this sanction has virtually no effect, because as with oil, coal is a commodity so other coal consuming countries buy Australian coal and China buys from the countries that would have supplied those other coal consuming countries.)

Germany is keeping us from saving Ukraine and the worlds Environment and at the same time damaging its own economy and foddering corruption. See my letter to Germany

The rest of the world has also to abandon Russian energy (Oil). It is tough but the most sensible thing to do. Politicians need to stop worrying about their own ratings (and the public to go easy on them in the face of rising oil prices) when it comes to saving the world from another Hitler.

Other things we can do is, a complete freeze on Russia's reserves, a complete boycott and the removal of Russia from International Organizations and a complete removal from SWIFT ( #KickRussiaOut )

We must also step up our provisions of equipment, light and heavy artillery, missile defense systems, drones and humanitarian aid.

There can not be a neutral country unless everyone respects that. You can not threaten a neutral country and expect it to remain neutral. Russia violates the airspace of neutral countries which contrary to Russian intentions only pushes them towards NATO. Ukraine was kind of neutral but with all the warmongering and a USD$ 5 billion counter productive disinformation campaign of Russia it bas been pushed into non-neutrality. When countries like Switzerland see how neutral countries are threatened and attacked they can not remain neutral. Countries that do not even stand up and defend the charter of the UN do not understand what peace is all about. Countries that only give lip-service but do not really stand up and fight for the alliance do not deserve the support of the alliance. This applies especially to Saudi Arabia. A tyrannical country that is not clever enough to seize the chance to change its ways. When Saudi Arabia will be under a serious attack it should not expect much help from us and the evil countries like Russia will no longer have the might to help.

Indeed now is the time to neutralize Russia's influence all over the world.

We need to spread our messages around the world. Our messages are being read by up to 100 000 people per day. But we too do need your support in carrying out our campaign. Even small donations make a difference.

We must keep up the fight against this advancing Hitler figure. If not the alternative is much worse than making some sacrifices now. For we do not know how far this mad man will try to go. The second World War should have taught us that if we do not halt the advance right at the beginning then much more resources and sacrifices will be required to stop him later on, if at all possible.

We call on all countries and group of countries to get their act together. We have a world emergency and we must act now. We have to consider the above suggestions NOW.

Russian politicians should have the sense to disassociate themselves from Putin (even if it means jail now) or else they will be remembered like the war criminals that where prosecuted at the Nuremberg trials over the Nazis. These politicians, media people and everybody else who takes part in this theater has to be blind not to see that this war and this denial of the truth is very bad for the Russian people. To continue this play is not only a crime against the rest of the world but also a crime against the Russian people themselves. (The same arguments apply to Belarus)

We copied the UN Resolution to our website. Please read it to see for yourself that there is nothing in there that any fair country could not agree to. Protest against the cowardice of those countries and try to change the attitude of those who abstain from defending the charter of the UN against the mad Putin. These are Algeria, Angola, Armenia, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Burundi, Central African Republic, China, Cuba, El Salvador, Equatorial Guinea, India, Iran, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Madagascar, Mali, Mongolia, Mozambique, Namibia, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Republic of Congo, Senegal, South Africa, South Sudan, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Tajikistan, Tanzania, Uganda, Vietnam and Zimbabwe. The countries that voted against the resolution are hopeless anyway including Eritrea, North Korea and Syria and of course the aggressors themselves Russia and Belarus.

Although all middle eastern countries south of the Persian Gulf approved the resolution, many of these countries are NOT doing enough to support Ukraine. They can well afford to lend Ukraine some fighter planes, even enforce a full or partial No-Fly Zone, give technology and displace Russian oil on the world market. Now is the chance for these countries to show that they are not a club of tyrants! It is mind boggling that these countries are not joining in the fight against Russia, when Russia is working so closely with their enemy Iran.

Our words need to be clear. It is not enough to call for a cessation of hostilities (the Ukrainians have a right to defend themselves and regain territory lost), we need to make clear calls for an end to the Russian aggression! This applies to countries, associations and individuals.

Nations that are dragging their feet in responding to the Russian invasion of Ukraine and are failing otherwise to come to Ukraine's rescue are co-responsible for Russian aggression.

Russia is clearly going against the charter of the UN by invading and bombing Ukraine. Suspend Russia from the UN now and/or remove Russia or its Veto from the UN Security Council - If need be make a new Security Council. Such measures would send a strong signal to everybody in Russia, including all the people who actively or passively support Putin. #KickRussiaOut

To send a strong signal, Russia and Belarus should be removed from all international associations (as is already happening) and to keep up the pressure, all trade should be cut (as is already happening in some sectors). Those countries that do not take part should be subject to a boycott themselves including China and India. If governments are hesitant to make sanctions we as individuals should boycott products from countries that undermine our own security! People who answer our questionnaire overwhelmingly support extending boycotts to nations that undercut the sanctions against Russia in one way or another. What is your opinion? Please answer our questionnaire. It is important that we have the opinions of as many people as possible.

Create a No-Fly zone (that applies to the Russian military) over Ukraine, this can be organized by nations that are outside NATO such as Israel, India, South Korea and Saudi Arabia. Either that or accelerate the provision of fighter jets and other heavy weapons to the Ukraine. Ukraine needs this now, waiting may make it too late. If we do not do this and just watch Russia gradually take over Ukraine then Putin is likely to keep on going. He is getting desperate now so use the opportunity when he goes to far to impose the no-fly zone. Wake up world.

It does not make sense to take over another country by war.

It destroys your image and a lot of people will hate you. Not only the people in the country being taken over but also your own people. Because with war comes misery. The German people know this. Even many decades after World War II, the German people are met with suspicion and are not as welcome as they would otherwise be.

What is the use of being the official ruler of a country if the citizens of your country are despised by the locals if they visit, so much so that many would indeed not visit at all.

It makes more sense to work on closer relations between the countries. Through cooperation you have much more to gain.

Young people especially value unrestricted mobility. They want to be able to travel, without being hated, to the country that is or is being considered for take over. This argument also applies to Chinas warmongering against Taiwan.

We should protest all around the world, outside not only Russian embassies but outside Chinese, Indian and Saudi Arabian embassies for without China, India and Saudi Arabia, Russia would abandon its plan.

China needs to follow the US, Singapore, Japan, Taiwan and South Korea in signing restrictive export controls on tech-starved Russia.

China, India and Saudi Arabia bear responsibility for Russian treatment of Ukraine. For China to merely insist on talks is not enough. These talks are just a show while Russia does not change its attitude. There is no-way in light of the current aggression that Ukraine can agree with Russia not to join the EU and/or the NATO military's alliance. It is also doubtful that Ukraine can agree to the extension of the Russian controlled Crimea with a land corridor to the Russian controlled east Ukraine. Especially since Russia has shown unreasonable behavior since it overtook Crimea, displacing Crimean's without compensation and sometimes blockading part of Ukraine from access to the Black Sea.

While most other countries around the world had condemned Russians intentions to invade Ukraine, China did not do so clearly, until it was too late. To the contrary China made the invasion possible; Russia would never have invaded Ukraine without China's support. Especially not without China's intention to buy Natural Gas and hence the reduction of Russia's dependency on western buyers. (The western media diplomatic criticism of China is laughable - how low can they go in order not to be thrown out of China?)

Such behavior from China makes it unfit to be a super power. (The same goes for India.)

It is time for China to grow up, and stop making childish quarrels with its neighboring countries, Vietnam, Philippines, Taiwan, India and Australia.

The Ukraine war is not in the spirit of the Olympics. It is a pity that China let it happen that the Winter Olympics 2022 will be remembered as merely the prelude to a War it chose not to stop!

China has still the possibility of joining the rest of the world in sanctioning Russia. The question is if Mr. Xi is a world statesman enough to do that? If not, the Communist party should replace him. It is a public relations disaster for China to have Europeans think of her as a partner in war crimes against their own continent. Now is an opportunity to show a friendly face to Europe and the US which makes much more sense then cozying up to insignificant Russia - Even the Chinese people do not like it.

The leaders in question should keep in mind that some powerful people may indeed not like the warmongering or wars and may be able to make them powerless. This applies, non withstanding whether they are the oligarchy, the communist party or whether it is the power of a popular uprising.

It is disgusting to hear some Chinese spokesperson on the BBC speaking as if Putin's demand that Ukraine not join NATO would be a realistic choice for Ukraine after all that has happened with this invasion. It also does not sound right when the Pakistani authorities seek special treatment for of its Nationals in Ukraine rather than condemning the whole thing. The Indian diplomats are not doing their job. The majority of people who answer our questionnaire from all over the world would like China and India to be boycotted also. They are not acting like friendly nations that we would like to reward with our business when they do nothing while a European country is going through hell.

Hitler will always be despised in history. Leaders should think if they really want to be on the wrong side of history, following in Hitler's steps or in the steps of leaders who allied with him, like Mussolini?

The situation in Ukraine is not just about the Ukraine itself. It is about not repeating the mistakes that countries did in dealing with Hitler. It is about not giving in to one demand in return for a halt to aggression only to discover later that the aggression will never the less continue later.

The Russian Foreign Minister has told the same lies over and over again. So often that he himself may have started to believe them and hence his conviction in telling them. But he and those of us that are gullible we need just to stand back a little bit, and think to see what utter nonsense he is talking. There shouldn't be any threat against non communist Russia. Russia would be just as welcome in Europe as any other country if its leader would not constantly be trying to undermine the continent and if the corruption would not be so blatant.

We can not and should not look the other way as was the case for far too long with Hitler.

With Putin one has to use a bit of common sense to see what is obvious:

  • Crimea was not about the people but access to the Black Sea

  • If one listened to Putin's speech then it is not about what people want in Ukraine as a whole. He seems to believe that the whole country does not have a right to exist

  • Nor does he recognize the true will of the people of Belarus (He has no problem with election results being faked at home or abroad as in Belarus)

  • He displaces people and then calls for elections in the affected small areas.

  • The man is obviously psychologically disturbed with his great fear of Covid (and therefore pretty much isolated from human empathy). His speech also indicates he is living in a different century in the company of madmen. Western leaders have noticed that this is not quite the same man he was a few years ago.

  • He obviously governs with terror. Hardly anyone dares object out of fear of falling out of a high rise window (The crude execution method of the Russian secret service)

  • I know people from all over the world, including Russians. But it is clear to me that Russians still living in Russia are more afraid to speak than anyone else I know. But I suspect this is changing now.

  • What kind of a country sends heavily built men with forbidden war chemicals to kill someone released as a part of a spy prison exchange program. Putin's Russia

  • Who is naïve enough to believe that those men traveled all this way to look at some English cathedral? The Russian people?

  • What kind of country shoots down a passenger airline? Putin's Russia

  • What kind of country plunders another countries (Sudan's) gold? Putin's Russia

  • What kind of country blows up a facility housing prisoners of war? Putin's Russia

  • What kind of country steals grain and tries to export it? Putin's Russia

  • What kind of country makes a club out of bad countries, such as North Korea, Syria and Iran? Putin's Russia

  • What kind of country encourages war crimes, e.g. by transferring a notorious general from Syria to the Ukraine? Putin's Russia

  • What kind of people are proud of videos showing Russian soldiers, castrate and kill an Ukrainian prisoner of war. Pro-kremlin supporters.

People in Brazil should go out on the street to protest against president Bolsonaro attitude towards Ukraine. (Maybe there is no need because Bolsonaro who did Trump imitations is about to be voted out of office)

For some people in the US who do not fully understand the meaning of the bombing of Ukraine and what kind of feeling it brings up in Europeans one needs to draw parallels to the 911 attacks. It is about war and terror being brought home. It is about the history of Hitler being reawakened.

It is time to recognize that the ex US president (even though he perhaps WAS not as bad as some media portrayed him to be) is clearly a Russian asset (judging from recent statements -his statements are critical of the war but still do not sound like those coming from someone that has not been compromised) and he like Putin has deteriorated from bad to worse. Now is the time for leadership and unity from both sides of the US legislative chambers and from the US as a whole. This is important not only for American pride but also for Europeans who do not like the idea of being left out in the cold. Europe and the rest of the world need the US as much as the US needs Europe and the rest of the world.

When Ukraine gave up its nuclear weapons it received in return security guarantees from the US, UK and Russia. Now it is time for the US to live up to those promises. If it does not, then it can not credibly expect other countries to give up nuclear weapon capabilities or aspirations for nuclear weapon capabilities.

At minimum create a No-Fly zone over Ukraine.

Countries that rely on US defense or technology, including Germany, Hungary, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and South Korea should show even greater support in helping the US deal with the Ukrainian situation.

So called allies such as Austria, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Ireland, Sweden, Finland and Switzerland have also some responsibility to take part in Ukraine defense for they themselves might one day find themselves in the same position that Ukraine finds itself now. There is no way they could defend themselves from a major power without additional assistance. It is not fair that they expect other nations to come to their assistance if they are not themselves willing to help. Nations that are outside military associations such as NATO have an extra responsibility to help each other.

Members and not least the leaders of the Wagner Group , Chechen and Belarus military should be targeted specifically, now and for years to come.

For any country that is dithering between making alliances with Russia versus NATO such as Serbia, the appeal of Russia has nose dived. Such countries need to oppose Russian aggression whole heartily. India has put some orders for Russian military equipment on hold and Serbia seems to be coming to its senses. But to be credible peace loving countries much more needs to be done. India don't be foolish; support Ukraine and avoid being sanctioned by the US.

For some young people who feel that this is far away. That Ukraine is a country with people who have little in common with them, then let it be clear that most young Ukrainian people are just like you and have similar dreams and aspirations, which are now being shattered. How would you feel if this was happening to you?

Europe needs the support of the whole world to counter this evil man. It is not about the Russian people themselves but about Putin and everyone who supports him. The people in Russia need to see beyond the propaganda and do what they can, so as not to take part or be as passive or obedient as the otherwise good people of Hitler's Germany were.

Russian military people should find ways to not follow orders, to work with the Ukrainians, to defect, to sabotage their own equipment, to miss their targets or otherwise not take part in this war against their brothers and sisters. Soldiers who surrender are given amnesty and money. To Surrender you throw your weapon on the ground and assume a non threatening posture with your hands visible.

Some Russian military platoons are already surrendering. Great to see people save each other from bloodshed.

Anyone doing Putin's evil work should resign and refuse to take part in this obvious evil. This includes media people (some of which are already resigning) and people who prop up the regime in one way or another. Hurrah to the Ballet Prima Dona who just resigned!

I was once asked by a Russian embassy employee for a framed map that showed all the airports. Of course I had a map made that did NOT contain all the airports :)

It is not the people of Ukraine that need to be freed (as Putin says) but the people of Russia need to be freed from Putin. The people of Russia need to find a way to free themselves. They freed themselves from communism before; they can free themselves again! Putin is a traitor for the Russian people. Putin has his ideas of what to do with traitors. It is time for him to get a taste of his own medicine.

The Russian administration and the Russian media said it was pure Western propaganda to say that Russia would invade. These statements and news have now been proven to be lies. It is important to learn something from these and all the lies that constantly come out of Russia and Russian media. There is nothing to be believed from those sources. When Russia now says that it is their aim only to demilitarize Ukraine and not to take over the country, this is not to be believed.

Why did I write this letter?

Because I strongly believe that crimes against humanity are not just the responsibility of a few crazy people but also all the people who let them happen by not saying or doing anything to try stop them.

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Watch Arnolds Schwarzenegger heartfelt message to the Russian people.

We received a letter to the Russian Orthodox Church

It is not enough that the west thinks Ukraine is winning

While Ukraine may be making a dent in Russia's ability to wage war and may be winning some battles: If we allow Russia's war machine to grind on by withholding our full support (including real modern day weapons and planes) or by only giving token support as is the case with Germany then we are ultimately responsible for the prolongation of the war and all the suffering that comes with it. On top of that we are encouraging the New Hitler and other dictators such as Xi to take further war as the way forward - which will ultimately cost us way more than if we support Ukraine now. War should be a thing of the past. Trade (without bribery and abuse of monopoly power) and amicable relations between nations provide the win win path forward for any nations and is favored en masse by new generations.

Putin is certainly loosing in many ways:

  • He wanted to reduce NATOs military's presence on his borders and beyond. The opposite has happened and will continue to happen in a big way for a long time to come.

  • He wanted to retain monopoly powers on trade with countries under his influence as was the case in colonial times and with the Soviet block. But Ukraine has already gained full trading status with the EU and along with Moldova and Georgia are on a path to join the union.

  • He is destroying Ukraine's property big time. But this is like throwing your own possessions down the toilet because Russia will eventually have to pay for all the rebuilding and will certainly loose all the reserves and assets held in the West and beyond.

  • He is destroying cultural monuments and such in Ukraine. This is an attempt at genocide. But thanks to the strong will of the Ukraine people they will be able to retain their national identity. The opposite will happen for Russia. Some Russian people are already distancing themselves from their Russian nationality.

  • He wanted to make the impression he was saving Ukraine, especially Russian speaking Ukrainians. The opposite has happened. And he continues to miserably fail in this respect e.g. by his recent stupid attack on a mall. People are not going to support Russia out of fear quite the contradictory.

  • He wanted to cement in the Crimea occupation. The opposite has happened. Crimea is more likely to be taken back than before the current invasion.

  • He is already loosing areas back to Ukraine. The latest being Snake Island. Russia did not give it back out of good ill, generosity or because it wants to allow Ukraine food deliveries to starving countries, but because of the relentless fight the Ukrainians have been waging to get back this strategic Island. Has Russia removed all the sea mines it has placed that also play a role in restricting export of much needed food stables or has Russia stopped attacks on Odessa, the port from which such ships sail from. We have not heard of any such goodwill from the Russian side on the contrary Russia has stepped up its attacks on Odessa.

  • He though he has western political leaders in his pocket. To some extent that may be true. But there are signs of that breaking. The British ruling party has despite massive contributions by the oligarchy taken on the responsibility of standing up for Ukraine. Trumps run for the US presidency in 2024 is looking a bit more unlikely. Turkey approved Finland's and Sweden's accession to NATO and will receive F16 fighter planes itself. The pressure from the public to hold politicians accountable for their actions or rather inaction is building. This is why our website and your support is so important.

  • As of June 2022, Russia has lost 32000 people, including many generals and colonels, 1400 tanks, 3500 armored vehicles, 700 artillery systems and is running out of precise missiles and other weapons. Putin does not care for the loss of live including those of his own people. But dead or missing soldiers feed adverse publicity all over Russia.

  • Russia wants to expend its border but its own republics are talking about seceding from Russia. The needs of the republics have been ignored for a long time, with all the wealth accumulating in the hands of Putin and his oligarchy and to a lesser degree in the big cities. Whereas living in the rest of normal Russia remains below subsistence levels. In fact the mean income of a Russian is less than that of a Indian. With so much resource going into the war the republics see the situation turning from very bad to worse.

  • Russia is loosing public support all over the world. In some countries it may take longer such as in Malaysia and China but it will happen. Again our messages being sent all over the world (to 192 countries so far) are important. Please support us in continuing this work.

  • If we manage to bring countries such as China, India, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Germany to their senses he will have more to loose.

Zelensky's success has a lot to do with his successful communication strategy and implementation. We must not leave it all to him. We must back up what he says with daring communication campaigns. Please support us to that. Make some sort of a donation and forward our website to everyone you know. Even if you do not know anyone who can make a difference, if people keep forwarding our messages , they will eventually reach people who matter and of course public opinion as a whole matters.


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Whose land is next? #HitlerPutin

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Standing up to the bear

Some years ago me and my partner went on a multi day hiking trip in Montana's Glacier National Park. Before we were allowed to hike there, we had to watch a video. In the video it was shown how they count bears in a particular area by bringing in a piece of smelly fish and then simply counting the bears that head towards it. We decided then and there not to take with us on the hike the dry fish we had packed as food for the hike!

We went hiking and eventually we reached a beautiful spot with an absolutely pristine lake under a glacier, many day hikes away from civilization. We were the only people there. We hung up our food and went to sleep in our tiny tent. When we woke up we saw small footprints all around our tent from little bear cups!

We made our hot meal for the day. Some really spicy veggie burgers from Whole Foods. (Actually one would think it is a great choice for hiking because it is a dry mix that one just adds water to, cups and flattens out into a hamburger patty). We ate the meal with a good appetite. We sure needed the energy to carry on our backs, all the not so cleverly packed food and hiking equipment, between predetermined authorized hiking spots. After the meal I rinsed out the pan with some water and threw it in the tall grass. I noticed that the pan needed some better cleaning, so I went to the lake to clean it thoroughly.

When I came back I saw a bear sniffing around in the grass where I had thrown the water out of the pan just meters away from my partner. There was some bush between them so they did not see each other but I saw them both clearly. Terrifying!

I threw my arms up in the air and shouted to the top of my lungs: Bear!x!!x!!! The bear looked up and ran away! In the face of the current Russian aggression - the so called Russian bear: We need to stand up and shout, no matter how overbearing the situation seems to be.

Brave young people in Moscow protesting against the War (above) and in St Petersburg (below)

Kiev the first Friday morning

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