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Dear Minister of Health 

Lockdowns and the campaigns of fear kill 1000 times more than Covid-19 itself

Global restrictions to Covid-19 result in the loss of approximately 1000 times more human life than Covid-19 itself. Unbelievable but true. These figures are based on official calculations of life expectancy.  For example, 650 million life years will be lost in the United States (according to calculations done using data from mid-2021 - by now probably 800 million life years) but less than 800 thousand due to Covid-19 itself. The calculations here assume that the people who die from Covid-19 have, on average, only one year left to live, as most have preexisting comorbidities.  These calculations are rough estimates and even if they are somewhat off target (in either direction),  it is absolutely clear that the benefits of lifting the lockdowns massively outweigh the benefits of keeping them.  It is apparent that the situation is not in the least better elsewhere in the world than in the United States.
The worst situation is in developing countries. As early as October 2020, the United Nations estimated that as a result of the Covid-19 lockdowns, 500 million people would move from the middle class to poverty and that 100 million people would end up in extreme poverty.  In extreme poverty, people cannot afford to eat properly, so tens of millions of people are likely to suffer extreme malnutrition with deadly consequences. The United Nations also claimed that 12 million more underage girls would be forced into marriage over the next 10 years because parents who lose everything because of the reduced economic activity that has resulted from the world-wide Covid-19 measures feel that they have no choice but to sell their daughters.
It is obvious that these actions against Covid-19 are not worth it and not even to level the curve, because the strain on the health care system will be many times greater in the years to come, as we will be having to deal with all the mental health, addiction and social problems that are now germinating.

Set your people free because it is the only right thing to do

It is now an opportunity for your country to follow the examples of countries that have finally come to their senses including the UK, Ireland and Denmark and lift almost all actions, not least at the border, because the border restrictions and the campaigns of fear against those that are not vaccinated hurt the third world the most.

It would also be advisable for your country to follow the Irish (see the report of the Irish Parliament's Health Committee, from April 2021) and the Finns (see the Helsinki and nearby district guidelines HUS) regarding vitamin D.  Supplement a common drink or food with a double dose of vitamin-D to and make sure that vitamin supplemented item is not more expensive than the non-vitamin supplemented item and give out recommendations that everyone should take vitamin-D supplements, especially those who are overweight, in care or colored (unless they eat a lot of fish).  It is no coincidence that these groups have fared the worst from Covid-19.

Now is the time to act quickly

Please let us know that you have received this letter and please share it with your government and cancel the lockdowns and the campaigns of fear.

With best regards

Prof. Dr. S Werth

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